Alvento Winery, located in Vineland, was founded in 2001 near the waterfront of Lake Ontario. The 13.4-acre vineyard is owned by Zhang’s family, who fell in love with the region five years ago. Small batch wines are now crafted from established vines that offer quality fruit with subtle complexities. Vineyards are planted on long gentle slopes and enjoy uninterrupted sunshine throughout the day. Winds from the deep waters to the north, cool the sun-drenched vineyards in the summer and warm them on chilly nights. The wind, rain and sun moderate the climatic conditions throughout the season for steady, even ripening. This ancient bond between these elements bring great promise to this special agricultural land.

Boutique Hours

Open daily 10 am – 6 pm May through October
Open Wednesday to Sunday 11 am – 5 pm November through April 


Historically known for its quality wines, Alvento Winery has teamed up with expert Ontario winemaker Marc Pistor who understands the desirable cool-climate and special soils of the region. With decades of winemaking experience in Ontario, Marc brings his passion and expertise and seeks to tell the story of local wine through the unique terroir of the property. Classic premium winemaking grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Nebbiolo, and Viognier are grown in light sandy soils that warm early and easily in spring and the heavier soils of red clay loam which provides thick and fertile pockets with high water-holding capacity. This unique combination of earth and climate are what make Alvento wines anything but ordinary.


Alvento Winery offers visitors a complete premium wine country visit. The newly renovated wine boutique offers a range of tasting bar experiences. Guests can taste wines from a special collection of library wines available only at the winery including rare examples of Ontario Nebbiolo and a special 2011 Merlot-Viognier blend. The 2018 harvest promises an exciting expansion of this portfolio with more styles available starting in the spring of 2019. For those planning to stay a night or two, the four-room, picturesque Bed&Breakfast, nestled on the intimate winery property, offers unique wine country accommodation.


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3048 2nd Avenue, Vineland Station

Ontario, Canada, L0R 2E0